Do you want to learn more about renting a bus with driver?

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Do you want to learn more about renting a car with driver?

Discover all details here!



1. What is the "tachograph"?

It's the personal driver's card, carrying driver's identity data, tasks performed, plate number of the vehicle, and mileage to be inserted into the tachograph.

2. What is the "tachograph"?

A tachograph is a device fitted to a vehicle that automatically records its speed and distance, together with the driver's activity selected from a choice of modes. Modern tachographs heads usually default to the other work mode upon coming to rest. The rest and availability modes can be manually selected by the driver whilst stationary.

3. Can I eat on board?

No, è severamente vietato introdurre a bordo cibi e bevande. In caso di effrazione della norma, l’autista potrà decidere di fermare il veicolo e interrompere il viaggio.

4. Can I bring pets with me on board?

Nel rispetto delle norme igienico-sanitarie previste dalla legge italiana, e per un viaggio sereno con gli altri passeggeri, non sono ammessi animali a bordo dei pullman turistici.

5. How many bags can I bring with me?

Each passenger can carry a bag, which is placed in the trunk, and a small bag on board. According to the number of participants, we will verify with luggage requirements.

6. Can I use the toilet on board?

Not all vehicles are equipped with on-board toilet. If present, it is considered optional and has to be requested while booking the vehicle (with additional cost).

7. Is it compulsory to wear the seatbelt aboard?

C. 6 of article 172 of the Highway Code states that the occupants of minibuses and buses must be secured with safety systems available aborad the vehicles. Travellers and driver are required to wear the secutiry devices while they are seated and the vehicle is in motion.

8. How can I book?

You can book online, by email at, or filling in the form "Ask for a quotation" on our website Alternatively you can call us at 39 035 4420335.

9. Come avviene il trasporto di bambini sui mezzi adibiti al noleggio pullman con conducente?

Il c. 4 dell’art.172 del Codice della Strada stabilisce che i bambini di statura non superiore a 1,50 m, quando viaggiano su autoveicoli adibiti al noleggio con conducente, possono sedersi senza l’obbligo di cintura, se non presente, o seggiolino. Non devono, però, occupare il sedile anteriore del mezzo e deve esserci la presenza di un adulto al suo fianco.

E’ possibile leggere nel dettaglio, e con linguaggio tecnico la norma (COMMA 4), cliccando al seguente link: MINISTERO DELLE INFRASTRUTTURE E DEI TRASPORTI.




1. What does NCC mean?

The abbreviation NCC means "Noleggio con Conducente" (rent a car with driver). The N.C.C service vehicles play a public transport service. The NCC service caters to users requesting a determined mobility performance.

2. Do I have to share my car with other passengers?

No, the NCC service is a private transfer service: you book a transfer dedicated only to you.

3. Is the NCC service limited to Italy?

Rental service with driver (NCC) has no territorial limits: it can bring you wherever you wish, even outside national territory.

4. Are drivers professional?

Rental service with driver relies on drivers with all the requirements of the Italian legislation to perform such service. The experience and knowledge of the territory are further characteristics that distinguish our drivers.

5. Can drivers speak English?

Upon request, we can provide you with a driver speaking a specific language. In any case, our drivers have a minimal knowledge of English.

6. Can I contact the driver?

Yes, once you have confirmed the rental service with driver (NCC), prior to your departure we will provide you with the name and phone number of the driver who will perform the service and will remain at your disposal for the agreed period.

7. In case of urgency, operational changes, or flight delays, what should I do?

You can contact us at 39 035 4420335.

8. Why should I book? Can't I take the car on the street as a taxi?

The Italian law establishes that transport all customers carried on the NCC vehicles make an advanced booking by telephone, email, fax or sms, before accessing the service.

9. How can I book?

You can book online, by email at, or filling in the form "Ask for a quotation" on our website Alternatively you can call us at 39 035 4420335.



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